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We help industrial companies in their steps to optimize their processes of design, management, and support of their own products. These processes more often complex, confront the workers with the technical constraints of the tools used and the markets. The adaptation is permanent and implies a permanent reactivity. We help the participants and the people in charge of the engineering and design departments so that they can implement the most adapt powerful processes which they need.

We assist the organizations to understand the key roles in the processes of development and we help them to select and to implement the visions, the strategies, and the tools. We have plans, metrics and we propose initiatives that improve the performance in the designing of the products.

We train users to support the tools and the processes in the most effective ways.

In most cases we can help defining new equipment or procedures to re-engineering existing processes.


The back bone concerning a technical information system is without a doubt the technical data management system (PDM/PLM).

It constitutes a single and shared reference depot for all of the technical data and the processes in the definition of a companies products. The highest value of control setting for this data is established to ensure that it obeys the principles of quality assurance. The support should be flexible enough to meet the dynamic needs of the technical data which produces frequent and concurrent evolutions and updates, merging with the constraints of a reactive market.

This reference depot becomes thus a pertinent knowledge base at the disposal of all the internal and external actors, through all the tools used such as those of the CAD, office automation, ERPs, etc.

It constitutes a base of dynamic collaboration which allows for the complete success of the visions produced by the company.


We have a lot of experience in the development and the deployment of design systems and technical data management in the industrial world in France and abroad.

We have learned how to understand and control the single characteristics and invariants which affect the processes of designing to manufacturing for industrial organizations. This ensures our diagnosis as one of the irreplaceable value, and consolidates a vision which we can share.


We provide services and advice of a strategic nature, tactically and technically to help with the operational setting of solutions in the area of the information systems.

We can help in the diagnosis of existing solutions, and produce analyses to detect the layers of improvement and productivity.

We offer a large catalogue of trainings, seminars on concepts (CAD, PDM/PLM, Collaboration, etc.) and technical training sessions in the use of real market solutions.

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